WWF Royal Rumble (1994)

Found this crazy pinball machine in great condition for a great price. Those two things rarely go together.

The guy I bought it from, Dave, said he received email offering more. One said they would pay twice as much. Dave said something to the effect of “That’s just not how I do things.” I guess since we had already come to an agreement, he was going to keep to that agreement. Good man Dave. You are a rare specimen.

The only thing I’ve found wrong with this machine is a couple drop targets are broken. The rubber is probably original and needs replacing. Everything else looked good. It’s not even that dirty.

This machine really has everything. Widebody. Drop targets. Captive ball. Pop bumpers. Two ramps. Wire habitrails. Scoop. 6 ball multi-ball. Horseshoe lane. Mini playfield with little mini flippers. Shaker motor. DMD display. Tag Team Play – where players 1 and 3 play against players 2 and 4 with combined scores. Lots of things to do.