The Flintstones (1994)

My friend Victoria contacted me and said she found a ICE Flintstones pinball machine for a pretty good price. She was asking if she should buy it. She’s got a young daughter so I replied with a resounding “YES!”

If you have never seen one of these machines, they are comically ridiculous. For one, ICE’s The Flintstones isn’t really a proper pinball machine. It is a redemption machine made for kids. You do stuff, it spits out tickets, and you trade those tickets for a spider ring. That said, it does keep score so you don’t really need tickets.

It’s also HUGE. I mean silly huge. It isn’t Atari Hercules pinball huge, but it is probably the second largest pinball machine made. It’s 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep. It is designed to look like the Flintstones car and has a huge metal canopy over the playfield.

It has oversized flippers that look like caveman clubs, the ball is a large plastic thing that looks like it was made from granite. Gameplay is kind of slow since it was made for kids.

Of course I told her to buy it. It’s affordable and silly and her daughter would probably love it.

After a few hours she decided to pass on it, but she’s awesome and bought it for me and had it delivered to her house. She sat on this giant machine for a few weeks until I could get down to the States and haul it from her garage.

My Friend Peter and I headed down to pick it up. Trying to figure out how to get this beast into his van was pretty funny. Not only is it huge, but it weighs like a million pounds. We both ended up with bruises and bodily harm trying to get this thing home.

The assembly of this machine is not like a regular pinball machine. It has capacitors the size of pop cans, fans to cool the flipper solenoids, the entire playfield is molded plastic. It’s a very strange machine. I can’t wait to dig into it and see how it works.