Strange Science (1986)

Strange Science is a pinball machine made by Bally Midway in 1986. It is unique because it is one of the few pinball machines to incorporate neon lighting. The theme is a crazy scientist who intends to do a mind transfer with his particle separator – transferring the mind from his pet ape Gertrude into a poor unsuspecting damsel in distress. I guess by playing the pinball machine, you’re helping.

My friend had been looking for a Williams Jokerz! pinball machine. I located one in Spokane Washington and he managed to secure it. He said if he bought Jokerz!, he would probably want to sell Strange Science. I offered to help him out with that.

This Strange Science has been completely converted to LED and my friend recently replaced the “particle separator” ramp, so I really didn’t have much to do on this machine. I may go through all the white LEDs under clear inserts and change them to a colour. I haven’t decided yet.

When the neon topper goes off, the entire room goes red. It’s kind of cool.

I will say, this is probably the heaviest machine I’ve ever moved.

Here it is hanging out by Meteor.