Skateball Restoration – Part 3 – Clearcoat and putting it together.

The hardest part I have when I’m touching up a playfield is knowing when to stop. These machines will never be perfect, but I can make them better. But how much time do I spend on it?

On Skateball, it was time to stop when I found myself trying to fix original misprinting.

Clear coat number one applied.

After 3 or 4 coats of clear, I let it cure for several weeks. Then I sand the playfield with a 1200-2000 grit and polish.

Time to put it back together.

I have to make a plastic ball guide out of Lexan since the original was broken.

I didn’t spend much time on the cabinet. Just a little touch up here and there.

Once I got the machine back together, everything started to go wrong. It worked mostly fine when it took it apart (minus a few dead switches and a flipper that didn’t work), now it wouldn’t even boot. I had to rebuild the power supply and touch up some solder on the solenoid board, then we were back in service.

I sprinkled some coloured LEDs in to give it a splash of colour. They are a little rich looking in the pictures but not so much in person.

After 50 or so games and this machine got broken in, it plays really well. It’s fast.