Skateball Restoration – Part 2 – Stripping the playfield and painting

The first thing I’m doing after I strip the playfield is giving it a good scrub. I’m using rubbing alcohol and melamine foam – also known as Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Melamine foam is abrasive so you have to be careful not to rub through the paint.

I work slowly and sort of massage the dirt from the playfield.

Skateball has some large paint sections missing so I’m going to prep this area with basic white paint. This will help if I need to paint a lighter colour or sketch a design first.

When I painted Meteor I spent way too much time colour matching. I wrongly assumed I would be able to paint all of one colour on one day. I had to colour match again several times. This is a very time consuming process. Going forward I’m premixing all the colour I’ll need in advance.

With all my paint ready to go, it is just a matter of painting.

I had a large section on Meteor that needed repainting. It’s the orange section around the flippers. This was a hassle to do smoothly with a brush. I decided an airbrush would be much easier. Just mask what you don’t want to paint and spray away. I used my first air brush on a missing section of paint above the pop bumper in Skateball. I laid frisket film, drew the pattern, and cut with a craft knife. I made one mistake and removed the wrong section in the middle so I ended up having to repaint this by hand.