Secret Service (1988)

This is the second machine made by Data East.

Funny story about this machine. I found a Black Knight near Seattle. My friend Peter found this broken Secret Service in Seattle. We decided to road trip together and pick up both machines. Peter’s plan was to buy it, get it working, and eventually sell it – but only if he didn’t have to sink any money into it. I told him if he decided to pass, I’d buy it. We came back from Seattle with three machines in all. Black Knight, Secret Service and Disco Fever. It was a tight fit, but we did it.

Peter took this machine home and, after giving it a good look, decided to pass on it. It needed a new display and a handful of other parts. It wouldn’t be worth fixing and selling. By the end of the day he would probably just break even. So, it’s a Pinballorama machine now.

Peter and I spend a few hours tinkering on this machine and we brought it back to life.

The only major playfield wear is around the inserts. A little black touch up, a good cleaning, and it will look almost new.

I’ve never played one of these before. It’s kind of a fun machine. The sound is super cheesy and awesome. Once it is fully cleaned and dialed in, this is going to be a fast one. This will be a fantastic beginner to intermediate machine. The rules aren’t complex so you can make things happen by randomly bashing the ball around.