Riverboat Gambler (1990)

Found this in a garage in Chilliwack BC.

The large red ramp has a few minor issues but it doesn’t affect gameplay. For some reason the GI in the backbox is out. I haven’t spent the time to track to down yet. Someone removed a section of the pin mounts on the interconnect board and soldered wires and a new connector. I have a feeling it is there. I’ll probably just replace the interconnect instead of mess with it. There is funny a glitch in the voice ROM so when Steve Ritchie sings the Riverboat song, a word here and there are distorted. I just tell people I have it on the death metal setting. I kind of like it, so I’m leaving it that way.

Outside of those few issues, it plays really well.

I pulled this one apart, cleaned and scrubbed it all down, new rubber and tweaked some of the mechanics. Added LEDs under the playfield and some red LED strips under the huge red ramp to really make it glow. The pop bumpers got yellow LED rings to give it more of that casino feel.