Pin-Bot Restoration – Part 1 – First look

I found a Pin-Bot at my local pinball store, Nitro Amusements. The owners told me they had a client looking for a Pin-Bot and couldn’t find one anywhere. Next thing they knew they had three in the shop. They pieced a really nice one together out of all the best parts, then pieced the next one together out of the second best parts. The third was a disassembled mess, but overall, the remaining parts were not in bad condition. I convinced them to sell it to me. (Normally they wouldn’t sell a machine in this condition.)

I expected to get it in disassembled mess condition, but they put it all back together and gave it a test. The boards are clean, the displays are bright. It is playable. Overall, not bad.

The cabinet is the worst of all of it. Most of the paint is gone and it will need to be sanded down and completely repainted. The good news is, the shop had a stencil kit and they included it in the purchase.

The playfield is in fairly good condition. A few cracked plastics. A few cracked targets. The topper probably should be replaced. The translite is good short of two burned sections were the eyeballs are. But really, there isn’t any reason the small burns can’t be carefully cut out and replaced (until I find a new translite anyway). You’d probably never notice.

All this machine needs is some love, a few parts, and a good cleaning.