Panthera (1980)

One Friday I stumbled on a non-working and rough Royal Flush Deluxe. It was cheaper than the cost of the salvageable parts so I bought it. A day or two later I went and looked at this Panthera. It is working but needs a little attention. I passed on it.

I ended up having a long conversation with the owner about pinball and pinball related stuff. He owned about 30-40 machines. I told him I had just grabbed the Royal Flush Deluxe and he mentioned he saw the same ad and tried to get it as well.

The next day I received a call from the owner and he made the offer of a partial trade – a bit of cash and Royal Flush Deluxe for Panthera. I really didn’t have any plans for Royal Flush Deluxe so I went for it.

And that is the story of the pinball machine I owned for 48 hours.

Panthera is in storage at the moment. It needs a good cleaning, a touch of paint, some wax and a little bit of love.  It won’t take much to get this one up to speed.