Palooka – Part 1 – First look

Overall, this machine is in pretty good shape. The front of the cabinet has been painted white, the coin door, shooter rod and ball lifter need some work, and the entire machine needs a cleaning. I’m going to paint the front of the cabinet to get the original design back, but I’m leaving everything else. These old machines have been well loved so there isn’t a reason in my opinion to hide this.

The backglass ink is flaking and some is missing. I’m going to secure the flaking ink in place and I’ll see about doing some touch up.

First step in moving a machine is taking it apart. The guy I bought it from lost the keys. Out comes the drill on the locks.

I got it setup in the workshop. A little tinkering and I was able to play a few games.

Inside, the machine is actually rather clean. Not a lot of dust and dirt. No signs of bad shorts or small fires. that’s good. The right flipper coil has melted however. The game counter says there were 44,416 games played. Of course, this could be 144,416 or even 244,416. I think the playfield would be much more worn after 144,000 games.

The coin door is pretty rough, but it looks like it will clean up nicely.