Palooka (1964)

This machine has an interesting back story. It used to live in a restaurant in White Rock BC. In the early 1970’s this dime machine stopped earning money as all the crazy kids wanted to play those new fangled pinball machines that took quarters.  As in many cases (even today) the restaurant didn’t own this machine. It was owned by a “route operator” – someone who places these machines in locations and splits earning with the location. The fellow who owned Palooka was planning on taking it out. The owner of the restaurant asked him what he planned to do with it. He planned to junk it. The restaurant owner offered $50 for it and he took it home. It lived at the restaurant owners house, then at his sons house. This is who I bought it from.

It was somewhat sentimental to the son because not long after Palooka was pulled from the restaurant, the place burned down.