Mars Trek (1977)

I have a pinball machine in the lobby of my office. Someone came into the office asking about it. I guess he had heard people playing it from the elevator. Turns out he was selling his house and moving and wanted to unload his Mars Trek machine. I went to his house a few days later and bought it.

Overall, this machine is in pretty good shape. Mechanically it is sound. The bad part is the playfield. It is pretty dull and will take some buffing to bring back to a shine. Good thing Sonic had durable playfields. If this were a Williams from the same era I’d probably be looking at a lot of bare wood.

The backglass is in great shape. The cabinet is made from press board so they don’t take much abuse. This has a little water damage but I don’t think it’s anything I need to worry about at this point.

I quite like this machine. A fun, old, electro-mechanical to knock a ball around on. It’s surprisingly fast.