Jacks to Open (1984)

“Jacks To Open” is a Mylstar (AKA: Gottlieb) remake of a 1977 Gottlieb pinball machine called “Jacks Open”. It’s basically the same machine with a face lift and solid state guts instead of electro mechanical. I guess the drop target arrangement is slightly different as well.

This is a picture of Jacks Open I scraped off the interwebnets. Remember this one?

I found this machine in Coquitlam BC. It is getting no power but it’s very clean throughout. It’s probably something simple (famous last words, huh?)

Funny. The previous machine I bought before this one was Big Guns – the pinball machine with the massive backbox. This is the opposite. The backbox on this pinball machine is very thin and tiny.

The cabinet paint on this machine is pretty crazy.