Flash (1979)

Over 10,000 of these machines were made. Strange it’s so hard to find one in fantastic shape. The ink on the backglasses did not age well at all and it is usual to find one[…]

Hit and Run Base-Ball (1970)

This is not really a proper pinball machine, but I stumbled across one in pretty good condition for a pretty good price. It needs a little work still, and someone painted the cabinet, but this[…]

Dealer’s Choice (1974)

I was contacted by a couple that had two “old pinball machines” in storage. They thought one worked and one did not. Apparently about 25 years ago 10 pinball machines were found in a warehouse[…]

Harvey (1951)

This 1951 Williams Harvey pinball machine used to live in a restaurant in Surrey BC named 50’s Burger and Pizza. I bought it from a guy who’s brother used to work there. The machine was[…]

Stellar Wars (1979)

Stellar Wars. A 1979 System 4 machine from Williams. This is a widest looking wide body pinball I’ve seen. The playfield looks square. This one needs a little cleaning and touch up paint, then it[…]

Palooka (1964)

This machine has an interesting back story. It used to live in a restaurant in White Rock BC. In the early 1970’s this dime machine stopped earning money as all the crazy kids wanted to[…]