Super Star (1972)

A music themed, single player, add-a-ball pinball machine from Williams. Since most of these machines are slated to be in a public environment and not on coin drop, I’m a big fan of add-a-ball.

Triple Action (1974)

A single player Williams machine from 1974. This has a gimmick I’ve been looking for – the spinning posts. Nail it with the ball and spin it clockwise for points.

Solar Fire (1981)

I’ve been wanting a Solar Fire pinball machine for some time. It’s another Magna-Save System 7 era machine from Williams. The problem with Solar fire – they only made 780 of them. A friend contacted[…]

Disco Fever (1978)

I have been wanting a Disco Fever for some time now. The theme cracks me up but it also is the first of two machines released by Williams to feature Banana Flippers – flippers shaped[…]

Black Knight (1980)

I’ve been hunting for a Black Knight or another Williams machine from this era with Magna-Save (a user triggered magnet under the playfield to catch the ball from draining through one of the outlanes). This[…]

Big Guns (1987)

GIANT BACKBOX! There really isn’t much more to say about Williams Big Guns except GIANT BACKBOX! I’ve been trying to locate one of the Williams Magna-save machines (Black Knight, Solar Fire, Grand Lizard, Pharaoh). In[…]