Solar Fire (1981)

I’ve been wanting a Solar Fire pinball machine for some time. It’s another Magna-Save System 7 era machine from Williams. The problem with Solar fire – they only made 780 of them. A friend contacted[…]

Disco Fever (1978)

I have been wanting a Disco Fever for some time now. The theme cracks me up but it also is the first of two machines released by Williams to feature Banana Flippers – flippers shaped[…]

Black Knight (1980)

I’ve been hunting for a Black Knight or another Williams machine from this era with Magna-Save (a user triggered magnet under the playfield to catch the ball from draining through one of the outlanes). This[…]

Big Guns (1987)

GIANT BACKBOX! There really isn’t much more to say about Williams Big Guns except GIANT BACKBOX! I’ve been trying to locate one of the Williams Magna-save machines (Black Knight, Solar Fire, Grand Lizard, Pharaoh). In[…]

Flash (1979)

Over 10,000 of these machines were made. Strange it’s so hard to find one in fantastic shape. The ink on the backglasses did not age well at all and it is usual to find one[…]

Hit and Run Base-Ball (1970)

This is not really a proper pinball machine, but I stumbled across one in pretty good condition for a pretty good price. It needs a little work still, and someone painted the cabinet, but this[…]