Genie (1975)

Oh boy. This is a big machine. A classic Gottlied System 1 machine. The backglass on this one is perfect. It looks brand new – which is rare for this machine. The playfield is in[…]

The Flintstones (1994)

My friend Victoria contacted me and said she found a ICE Flintstones pinball machine for a pretty good price. She was asking if she should buy it. She’s got a young daughter so I replied[…]

Speakeasy (1982)

Picked up this 2 player Bally Speakeasy pinball machine in Portland. It was only partially working and is my understanding it went through several hands before I got it. It had some interesting work done,[…]

Lightning (1981)

If you like the old Stern pinball machines, you’ll love Lightning from 1981. Lock two balls, then hit 9 targets to release them for 3 ball multi-ball. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. The[…]

Butterfly (1977)

Picked up this 1977 Sonic “Butterfly” pinball machine on Vancouver Island. The playfields and backglass on Sonic machines are usually in pretty good shape. The downside are their terrible pressboard cabinets. Any water or moisture[…]

Big Hit (1952)

Big Hit is a 1952 baseball themed pinball machine from Chicago Coin. This machine uses lights behind the backglass to show scoring. This was the common method until score reels became the trend a year[…]