Jumping Jack (1973)

I was contacted by a couple that had two “old pinball machines” in storage. They thought one worked and one did not. Apparently about 25 years ago 10 pinball machines were found in a warehouse[…]

Volley (1976)

I bought this 1976 Gottlieb Volley pinball machine from a fellow in Sechelt BC. When he bought his new house, this machine came with it. He kept it in his workshop but really just wanted[…]

Cue Ball Wizard (1992)

This machine is in good shape. I bought this from the same fellow who sold me Batman Forever and Rollergames. The only thing it needs is a little cleaning and LEDs.

Sinbad (1978)

This machine used to be a Sinbad, now it is something else. At one point there was a software company named Merlin. They had someone retheme this Sinbad into a “Merlin” – which was a[…]

Panthera (1980)

One Friday I stumbled on a non-working and rough Royal Flush Deluxe. It was cheaper than the cost of the salvageable parts so I bought it. A day or two later I went and looked[…]

Hollywood Heat (1986)

I found this fun little pinball machine in Spokane Washington. For such a simple game it really sucks you in. It seems like every time I play this it’s always “oh,. one more game”. This[…]