High Hand (1973)

Gottlieb made 4,950 of these machines in 1973. I remember seeing these everywhere pinball machines lived. I finally got one complete with graffiti, cigarette burns, and all the wear and tear of being a coin-op[…]

Genie (1975)

Oh boy. This is a big machine. A classic Gottlied System 1 machine. The backglass on this one is perfect. It looks brand new – which is rare for this machine. The playfield is in[…]

James Bond 007 (1980)

This is an interesting pinball machine from 1980 – James Bond 007. Instead of having the common 3 or 5 ball game, this one is based on time. You start with a particular amount of[…]

Volcano (1981)

I quite like Volcano. I put it up there with Black Hole and Haunted House – also made by Gottlieb in the same era. Volcano doesn’t have the lower playfields like the other two, but[…]

Ship-Mates (1964)

Ship-Mates is in fair condition considering it’s age. The backglass is in great shape expect it has a clean break along the top right corner. I should be able to repair it so the break[…]

El Dorado (1975)

El Dorado, a classic Gottlieb wedgehead pinball machine from 1975. I found this machine near 150 Mile House in BC Canada – over 5 hour drive north of where I am. This machine is going[…]