Nip-It (1973)

1973 Bally Nip-It pinball machine. It is in pretty good shape. I bought it from a friend who completely went through the mechanics and got everything running perfectly. I just need to clean it and[…]

Spectrum (1981)

Spectrum is an usual pinball machine from Bally in 1981, and a somewhat rare one with only about 500 leaving the factory. This machine has no plunger to launch the ball, instead you launch the[…]

Speakeasy (1982)

Picked up this 2 player Bally Speakeasy pinball machine in Portland. It was only partially working and is my understanding it went through several hands before I got it. It had some interesting work done,[…]

Blackwater 100 (1988)

I found this pinball machine in Bremerton Washington. Over all it was in good shape, ramps aren’t too bad (which is good because they are very hard to replace), backglass is great, cabinet isn’t bad,[…]

Medusa (1981)

Through some online pinball ad, I met a fellow in Vernon BC who was selling a Robocop. I ended up passing on it but we stayed in contact (as pinball people sometimes do). Months later[…]

Time Zone (1972)

Found this Time Zone pinball machine in North Delta in BC. Yet another person selling their house and not wanting to move the pinball machine. This machine is in fair shape. It is complete with[…]