Spectrum (1981)

Spectrum is an usual pinball machine from Bally in 1981, and a somewhat rare one with only about 500 leaving the factory. This machine has no plunger to launch the ball, instead you launch the[…]

The Mystery Six (1934)

This 1934 machine, The Mystery Six, was made by Rube Gross and Company from Seattle. This is a completely mechanical machine. No scoring mechanism, no power, no back box. It was 5 cents a play.[…]

Genie (1975)

Oh boy. This is a big machine. A classic Gottlied System 1 machine. The backglass on this one is perfect. It looks brand new – which is rare for this machine. The playfield is in[…]

The Flintstones (1994)

My friend Victoria contacted me and said she found a ICE Flintstones pinball machine for a pretty good price. She was asking if she should buy it. She’s got a young daughter so I replied[…]

Speakeasy (1982)

Picked up this 2 player Bally Speakeasy pinball machine in Portland. It was only partially working and is my understanding it went through several hands before I got it. It had some interesting work done,[…]

Lightning (1981)

If you like the old Stern pinball machines, you’ll love Lightning from 1981. Lock two balls, then hit 9 targets to release them for 3 ball multi-ball. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. The[…]