Nip-It (1973)

1973 Bally Nip-It pinball machine. It is in pretty good shape. I bought it from a friend who completely went through the mechanics and got everything running perfectly. I just need to clean it and[…]

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

It’s hard to believe they made 10,350 of these. This is the second largest run of a title made by Data East. The most was Star Wars at 10,400 units. I really like this game.[…]

Super Star (1972)

A music themed, single player, add-a-ball pinball machine from Williams. Since most of these machines are slated to be in a public environment and not on coin drop, I’m a big fan of add-a-ball.

Triple Action (1974)

A single player Williams machine from 1974. This has a gimmick I’ve been looking for – the spinning posts. Nail it with the ball and spin it clockwise for points.

High Hand (1973)

Gottlieb made 4,950 of these machines in 1973. I remember seeing these everywhere pinball machines lived. I finally got one complete with graffiti, cigarette burns, and all the wear and tear of being a coin-op[…]

Spectrum (1981)

Spectrum is an usual pinball machine from Bally in 1981, and a somewhat rare one with only about 500 leaving the factory. This machine has no plunger to launch the ball, instead you launch the[…]