Breakshot (1996)

Capcom Breakshot is a really unique machine. It is styled after older Electro Mechanical pinball machines but has a DMD display, voice call outs,  fancy lights, and multi-ball. The scoring animation on the DMD display is styled after the old EM score reels. There are no ramps or multi level playfields.

Capcom didn’t make many pinball machines, they made video games. They are the company that brought you such games as Street Fighter and Resident Evil. They only made 1000 Breakshot machines – so they aren’t that common.

When one in fantastic shape came up locally, I had to buy it.

Apparently this machine used to live in the Seattle Pinball Museum.

I only needed to do a few minor tweaks to this machine to get it running well. I wiped it down, gave it a nice coat of wax, and sprinkled a few coloured LED’s in the general illumination to give it a splash of colour. Here is a before and after.