Black Knight (1980)

I’ve been hunting for a Black Knight or another Williams machine from this era with Magna-Save (a user triggered magnet under the playfield to catch the ball from draining through one of the outlanes). This machine has been an amazingly hard thing to find – or find at a reasonable price.

I found this project Black Knight north of Seattle. The woman bought it with the intention of fixing it up but it just hadn’t happened. She didn’t know if it worked or not, and the cabinet needed some attention since the bottom was falling out.

The playfield is a little warn and it would take a lot of work to get it back to original condition. I could completely repaint the playfield by hand, but really this is a perfect candidate for a retheme. Even though I had a hard time tracking one of these down, Williams made over 13,000 of them – so they are far from rare. Retheme it is.

You can follow the retheme on this page.