Big Hit (1952)

Big Hit is a 1952 baseball themed pinball machine from Chicago Coin. This machine uses lights behind the backglass to show scoring. This was the common method until score reels became the trend a year or two after this one was produced. This machine has one score reel type mechanic used for the credit indicator. I thought it was interesting the credit wheel wasn’t printed or painted. Instead, it used a printed piece of paper and it is taped to the wheel (I’ve included a picture of this below).

The machine came from my neighbour a couple doors down. He bought it about 10 years ago and intended to fix it up. The person he bought it from had it for 10 or more years and intended to fix it up. It’s basically been sitting for over 20 years.

Overall, it is in good shape. At one point someone sprayed the stepper units with, what I assume, was WD40. It has now dried and gummed up or entirely seized the stepper units. They will need to be taken apart and cleaned. The plus side is the WD40 preserved all the metal. Once cleaned, they will look like new.

I enjoyed the double door system they used in the backbox. The first door has the steppers and mechanics, the second is where all the bulbs are. The first door opens to your right and is hinged on the second door which opens to the left. Kind of cool. Makes it easy to replace bulbs.

On the playfield there are two captive balls. These are supposed to emulate a baseball. When you hit a target, a coil smacks the captive ball around a loop. Kind of a cute design.