The Pinballorama

In 2015, the plan was to get a collection of pinball machines – maybe 25-30 games – and open a pinball arcade in the greater Vancouver BC area. We now have enough pinball machines to open the pinball arcade we are currently looking for an affordable space (and possibly pinball enthusiast partners). Large enough and affordable is a difficult combination. 30-50 machines take up a lot of room and we are running on a shoestring budget.

Until we find the right space for the pinball arcade, we’ll continue the hunt for interesting pinball machines, fixing up the ones we have, and adding to the collection.

Once open, all the machines in Seven’s Pinballorama will be on free play. Visitors will pay a single price to get in the door. Sort of an all-you-can-eat pinball buffet.

Classics and Antique Pinball Machines:
Seven’s Pinballorama will be a place you can find older machines. You can always discover newer machines scattered around in bars, but where can you play Gorgar or Firepower? How about an old woodrail from the 1950’s or one of the original bingo machines without flippers? Rarely will you see these machines in a public environment. We don’t want to call this a pinball museum, but it will have elements of a pinball museum.

Electro-mechanical pinball machines are basically analogue computers.

We have plans on making interactive exhibits. These will show the progression of how pinball started, how the mechanics evolved, and offer hands-on displays which demonstrate how all the mechanics work. There is far more going on with a pinball machine than people realize. Most people only have a chance to see the side with the pretty lights. There is an entire world of mechanical genius hiding behind those lights.

Will this be a Barcade?
No. Bars already have pinball machines. We want to introduce people of all ages to pinball. There is an entire generation of kids that have never played pinball – and when they’re introduced to it, they are fascinated. Seven’s Pinballorama will be part arcade, part museum, part activity centre. And, who knows, we might host the occasional birthday party or pinball themed wedding. Of course, league nights.

Currently, this website will be a diary of our progress. You’ll get to see what we’ve added to the collection, what we’re working on, and what we’ve got running again. We’ve also started a Facebook page (which is easier to update on the fly and has more pictures from the pinball workshop).

We’re always on the lookout for new machines. If you have an old pinball machine you would like to sell to Seven’s Pinballorama, please contact us. Alternately, if you you would like to donate a machine (working or not), we will come and move it from your garage or basement. If you are a pinball enthusiast in the Vancouver BC area and want to be involved in the pinball arcade in some way, drop us a line.

Since we are running with limited funds, if you would like to help this project get off the ground, you can always throw some bitcoin our way.

You can contact us here.